Public reading, “The Gift,” Talking to the Sun at Fire Island book release, BOFFO, October 7

Invited Talk, “The Optics of Escape: Patty Hearst in the Mouth of Sharon Hayes,” NYU, XE: Experimental Humanities, April 25


Invited Speaker, "Escape & Enmeshment," Barnard College, April 27th

Invited Speaker, "F Words," Boston University, April 6th & 7th

Invited Speaker, An Exchange of Curatorial Perspectives, APAP, Jan 12


Invited Speaker, Swallowing & Spitting History, Columbia University, Oct 10

Study Group Participant, The Critical Matter of Performance, New Museum Colloquium, Feb 17


Invited Speaker, “Queer Sculptural Encounters: Bathroom to Gallery,” “Geographies of Intimacy” Colloquium , Penn Humanities Forum, Feb 19

Invited Speaker, “Words that Harm,” Social Justice Teach-In, Wesleyan University, Feb 12

Public reading, “A Piece for Frame,” Little Joe Magazine Launch, Printed Matter, NYC, Jan 23


Public reading, “Starting a Fire to Burn a Witch, or A Contemporary of Sigmund Freud,” The Poetry Project, NYC, Feb 20

Public talk, “The Theater of Abduction: The Sounds of Patty Hearst and Sharon Hayes.” Music Department Colloquium Series, Wesleyan University, Jan 28


Audio Installation: “You Need to Learn to Bullshit,” The Shandaken Retrospective, 59 East 4th Street, 7th Floor, NYC, Dec 12-Jan 15

Public Conversation, The Punk Singer: Screening and Discussion with Sini Anderson, Tavia Nyong’o & Rachel Ellis Neyra, Wesleyan University, Oct 30

Resident, Shandaken Project’s Summer Intensive, June 7-15

Invited speaker, Common Practice New YorkOut of Alternatives, Artist Space Books & Talks, NYC, May 18

Public talk, Malin Arnell / The Oncoming Corner #14, Weld, Stockholm, May 10-12

Invited speaker, Radical Politics, Critical Aesthetics, Queer Pleasure: A Workshop on Herbert Marcuse, Cornell University, Organized by Ulrich Plass & Paul Fleming, April 26

Invited member, Queer & Now: Rethinking Queer Theory in the HumanitiesSexual Politics/ Sexual Poetics: A Queer Theory Working Group, Facilitators: Ramzi Fawaz & Damon Young (UW Madison, Center for the Humanities), March 6-9

Public reading, “You Need to Learn to Bullshit,” Adult Contemporary reading series, Hullabaloo Books, Feb 20

Public talk, “Escape Strategies and the Art of Non-Pragmatic Thinking: Tony Kushner’s The Henry Box Brown Play & Glenn Ligon’s To Disembark,” Center for the Humanities Spring Lecture Series on “Audiences,” Wesleyan University, Feb 10,


Invited speaker, “Curating/Creating Queer: Queer New York International Arts Festival Panel Discussion,” Facilitators: TL Cowan & Zvonimir Dobrovic, Eugene Lang College, The New School, October 26

Moderator, “In My House” post-show discussion with Amber Bemak, Tess Dworman, Sam Kim, Molly Poerstel-Taylor, Jillian Peña and Larissa Velez-Jackson, Movement Research Festival, Roulette, May 24

Invited speaker, “Precarious Homes: Precarity & Performance” Conversation with Vanessa Anspaugh, Malin Arnell & Litia Perta, Movement Research Festival, The Invisible Dog, May 21,

Invited speaker, “Stand Close: A Conversation on Feminist Rage, Artist-Writer Collaboration, and the Archive” with Corrine Fitzpatrick, R. E. H. Gordon, RJ Messineo & Guadalupe Rosales, moderated by Tavia Nyong’o, Performance Studies Forum, Department of Performance Studies, New York University, April 3




“The Skin and Bone of the Future: Alaska Native Presence in Contemporary Art,” Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA), panel on the Sounds of Brown Performance, Hartford, March 17-20


“Feeling Out of the World: That’s What I Guess These Stories Are About,” American Studies Association (ASA), panel on Latina/o & Asian-American Aesthetics, Toronto, October 8-11

“The Gloria of it All: Escape from Representation in Queer Art,” Queer/Art/Poetics Conference, Wesleyan University, April 23-25


“This Face is Not for Us: Glory Holes, Queer Formalisms” in “Avant-Gardes Otherwise” Working Group, The American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR), November 20-23

“Imagining an Escape from GLBT Representation” in “Theory Beyond the Regime of the Theoretical: Fun With Race, Sex, Dis/ability, and Performance” panel co-organized with Leon Hilton, American Studies Association (ASA), “The Fun and the Fury: New Dialectics of Pleasure and Pain In the Post-American Century,” Los Angeles, November 6-9

“Tony Kushner’s Anarchist Dreams,” Living Labor: Marxism & Performance Studies, New York University, April 11-13


“Out of Pocket: The Price of Educational Debt in the art/work of MPA,” panel with Anna Watkins Fisher, Ariel Osterweiss & Damon R. Young, American Studies Association (ASA), “Beyond the Logic of Debt, Toward an Ethics of Collective Dissent,” Washington, D.C.

“Risking the Groundlessness of Queer Imperceptibility: Gloria Hole and Other Escapes From Representation,” praxis panel with Mathias Danbolt, Benjamin Haber & Johanna Linsley, Performance Studies International (PSi), “Now Then: Performance and Temporality,” Stanford University

“The Brainwashing of Patty Hearst and Sharon Hayes: Forging Alliances, Forgetting the Lines,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), Chicago

“The Queer Promise of Activist Art: MPA Occupies the Park and the Gallery,” “Queer Occupations” Panel (Program arranged by the Division on Gay Studies in Language and Literature), Modern Language Association (MLA), Boston


“Performing Abolitionist Activism: Tony Kushner & Glenn Ligon Resurrect Henry ‘Box’ Brown,” Performance Studies International (PSi), “Performance / Culture / Industry,” Leeds, UK

“Exit Into The Body: The Video Art Exodus of Jillian Pena,” Congress on Research in Dance (CORD): Meanings and Makings of Queer Dance, Ann Arbor, MI


“An Alibi, An Apology: Escapology and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” Performance Studies International (PSi), Toronto, Canada


“Feminist Landscapes, Colonialism, and the Gender Relevance of Landscape Photography in the works of Zoe Leonard, Cathy Opie, and Ken Gonzalez-Day,” National Womens Studies Association (NWSA), Atlanta, GA

“International Landscapes, Immigrant Borders: Aliens of Extraordinary Ability & The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao” Eaton Science Fiction Conference, University of California, Riverside


“Make Media/ Make Queer: Wu Tsang & Math Bass,” Modern Language Association (MLA), San Francisco, CA

“In Sight, Out of Focus: Marriage, the union of Wu Tsang and Math Bass,” Performance Studies International (PSi), Copenhagen, Denmark

“Images of Alien Subjectivity: Chun-Shan Yi & Natsu Onoda’s Aliens of Extraordinary Ability,” (Panel arranged and chaired by Tirza Latimer) College Art Association (CAA), Dallas, TX


Craft’s Screen: Jillian Pena’s Dance Videos and Desires,” Queer Studies Conference, University of California, Los Angeles

“My Barbarian’s Showcore: Fantasy Patriotisms, Bob Fosse, and Gay Marriage” Queer Vibrations, Cornell University