Queer/Art/Poetics: A Conference on The Art of Queer Theory 
Wesleyan University’s Center for the Humanities, April 23-25

What does theory do when it takes queer art seriously? How does queer theory remain artful while unpacking the objects, strategies and politics of queer aesthetics? Queer/Art/Poetics makes a claim for the centrality of aesthetic form and formal practices. Art in our conference title refers not only to the objects and performances toward which theorists are drawn, but also to the pleasurable, urgent, onerous, and productively messy exercise of interpretive skill. Poetics, aurally and textually flickering with politics, gestures both toward literal art production and the art of queer theorizing as creative sites reciprocally vitalized by new objects, questions, and movements. Rather than wedding our central terms into a seamless whole, we propose Queer/Art/Poetics, disjunctive backslashes and all, as a generative hermeneutics. We suggest that queer theory’s ongoing investment in questions of the political might be enriched by guiding its attention away from state and legal apparatuses and towards queer cultural and aesthetic forms where the political is imagined as a transformative poetics of co-habitation.

organized by Katherine Brewer Ball, Rachel Ellis Neyra, & Roy Pérez