The Sexual Politics/Sexual Poetics Collective is newly formed queer theory working group bringing together eleven early career scholars working in literary and cultural studies. Through a multi-year series of public forums, workshops, conferences, and collaborative publishing ventures, we aim to support the developing research of a new generation of queer theory scholars, as well as move the field in new and unexpected directions through the development of a national network of interdisciplinary scholars committed to vitalizing emergent or uncharted methods in queer theory.

Our current members include:
Co-organizers: Ramzi Fawaz (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and Damon Young (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). Members: Kadji Amin (Stony Brook University), Katie Brewer Ball (Wesleyan University), Ramzi Fawaz (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Zakiyyah Jackson (University of Virginia), Uri McMillan (UCLA), Amber J. Musser (University of Washington, St. Louis), Roy Pérez (Willamette University), Jennifer Row (Boston University), Shanté Paradigm Smalls (University of New Mexico), Jordon Stein (Fordham University), Damon Young (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor).